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2020 Toyota Tacoma

You need a truck that fits your needs and your lifestyle. You need performance, power, quality and durability, and you need it all at a great price. The 2020 Toyota Tacoma is specifically designed with you in mind. The updated exterior styling boasts playful, sporty accents, but with durability you can depend on....Read More

GeT 2 Feature

Redefining the concept of the midsize family SUV since 2001, Toyota unleashes its fourth-generation Highlander and Highlander Hybrid models. Sporting a bolder, more distinctive design than the previous version, the 2020 Toyota Highlander is a powerful SUV with sophisticated detailing and amplified safety features and capability....Read More

Toyota Nightshade Edition

If you like your vehicle to have a bit of an edge, the Nightshade Edition in Toyota’s lineup are sure to appeal to you. Featuring darker accents including magnetic grey metallic and midnight black metallic, you’ll be sure to get noticed. What is the Toyota Nightshade Edition? This edition allows you to style your Toyota....Read More

plug in hybrid

Toyota hybrids are flexible vehicles, giving you a myriad of options without compromising power and performance. Why Buy a Toyota Hybrid? Toyota hybrids offer standout fuel efficiency compared to more gas-guzzling competitors. With the Hybrid Synergy Drive system working seamlessly in the background, you don’t need to change your driving or fueling habits....Read More

plug in hybrid

The 2020 Toyota Prius Prime is one of the most efficient hybrids you’ll find, offering better comfort, power, and handling than ever before. Here are five reasons to be excited about the upgrades the Prius Prime PHEV provides. The Prime Has Exceptional Fuel Efficiency  The 2020 Toyota Prius Prime is the most fuel-efficient, Toyota-made hybrid....Read More

suv vs crossover difference

Finding the right vehicle for you, work, or your family means having to consider a lot of different factors. Everyone is going to need a different vehicle for different reasons. If you do a lot of outdoor work in remote areas, you might need a pickup truck. If you’re driving around town, with some occasional....Read More


When it comes to all-around vehicles in Canada, few Toyota models stand out more than the Corolla and RAV4. As you shop for cars made in Canada, you should look for function and durability, both of which are qualities that these long-standing models possess. The following features and facts about each vehicle make them appealing....Read More


The Toyota RAV4 has built its strong reputation on being one of Canada’s best-selling vehicles and one of the nation’s top five sellers in the first quarter of 2019. One reason for its popularity among Canadian drivers is the fact RAV4 vehicles possess strong, versatile interiors to make driving comfortable....Read More