Top 5 Places to Visit in Georgetown

Top 5 Places to Visit in Georgetown - Georgetown Toyota

Georgetown, a community of over 40,000 in the town of Halton Hills, Ontario, Canada, offers many interesting places to visit for locals and out-of-towners alike. Located on the outskirts of Toronto and Mississauga, it is the perfect destination to experience everything that Ontario has to offer, especially its natural beauty.

Glen Eden Conservation Area

The Kelso / Glen Eden Conservation Area is a perfect place to enjoy the natural beauty and bounty of the Georgetown area. A quick 25-minute drive will have you in the Glen Eden Conservation Area, which is a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts. Set against the stunning Niagara Escarpment, activities in the area span all four seasons.

In the winter, visitors can enjoy downhill skiing, snowboarding, and tubing, while the summer months boast a beautiful sandy beach with lifeguarded waters and kayaks, paddleboats, and canoes for rent. Lake Kelso offers a relaxing experience on the water, as well as fantastic fishing opportunities. On land, you can explore the stunning fields and old growth forests thanks to an extensive trail network for hiking and mountain biking.

If you crave experiences with more people, the area offers Family Outdoor Movie Nights, where you can enjoy a family-friendly flick on an outdoor big screen.

Hilton Falls

If you enjoy hiking against the background of natural beauty and experiencing breathtaking views along the way, Hilton Falls is the place for you to visit in Georgetown. Exploring the trails in Hilton Falls will lead you to stunning water features such as waterfalls, rivers, and reservoirs. Along the way, you can go back in time by seeing the old Mill Ruins.

There are numerous trails for hikers, bikers, and horseback riders at Hilton Falls. Three are bike-only and offer a mix of novice-level trails and technically challenging rock gardens. In addition, geocaching is a great family-friendly activity around Hilton Falls, with hidden treasures for all to find.

Hilton Falls , Georgetown -  Georgetown Toyota

Starkey Hill Trail

Getting out and about in Georgetown is easy with so many natural wonders to see and enjoy. A great activity for the whole family and for people of all fitness levels is the Starkey Hill Trail. Located in nearby Puslinch, Ontario, this 2.2-mile loop trail is a great place for exploring, as well as birding, hiking, and mountain biking. The trail is open year-round and is beautiful to visit any time of the year.

You can enjoy watching the wildlife in its natural habitat or bring your own four-legged friend along for a scenic walk (on leash, of course!). The Starkey Hill Trail offers beautiful terrain and several ponds to make the journey more picturesque.

Crawford Lake

There are many reasons to visit Crawford Lake, from its rare beauty to the educational programs and exhibits offered at the Crawford Lake Conservation Area. Part of the Niagara Escarpment World Biosphere Reserve, Crawford Lake is an environmentally sensitive area, so your visit should only leave behind footprints, and you should only take memories home.

Crawford Lake is a meromictic lake, which is a rare type of lake whose water layers do not intermix. In normal (holomictic) lakes, the surface and deep waters mix at least once a year. However, at Crawford Lake, the lowest levels of the water area are rarely disturbed, and this means that the lake is invaluable for understanding the history of the land surrounding it. In fact, researchers discovered ancient corn pollen deep in the sediment of the lake that is over six hundred years old!

There is a boardwalk built around the lake, allowing you to examine it from all angles and marvel at its beauty and historical relevance. History is also found in Crawford Lake Conservation Area's reconstructed 15th century Iroquoian Village. There, visitors can experience the life and times of Ontario's First Peoples through a wide range of educational programs and exhibits.

If you want to experience more of the natural beauty around Crawford Lake, there are trails for hiking in the warm weather months and snowshoeing or cross-country skiing in the winter.


Crawford Lake, Georgetown -  Georgetown Toyota

Woodbine Mohawk Park

While the natural beauty surrounding Georgetown is amazing to partake in, sometimes a more exciting and interactive activity is needed. The perfect spot for that is Woodbine Mohawk Park, a harness racing track in Campbellville, Ontario. The racetrack hosts world-class live thoroughbred racing--currently races are scheduled for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, but always check the schedule prior to your visit.

There are no entry fees, parking charges, or reserved seating at the Woodbine races--everyone is free to come and enjoy! In addition to the races, Woodbine Mohawk Park boasts a casino with live table games, stadium games, electronic table games, and slot machines. Whether you are having a 'playcation' as a Georgetown local or are an out-of-town visitor looking to add something different to your vacation schedule, Woodbine Mohawk Park allows you to have a new and exciting experience.

Whether you want to enjoy what nature has to offer, learn about the first people to settle in Ontario, or partake in modern games of chance, there is something for everyone in the Georgetown area. 

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Woodbine Mohawk Park, Georgetown - Georgetown Toyota

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