Georgetown Beer Fest 2019—The Coolest Beer Fests Brewing In & Around Georgetown This Summer!

Georgetown Beer Fest

The Canadian lifestyle has become synonymous with enjoying beer, a cultural stereotype that most Canadians are more than happy to embrace. And there’s no better place in Ontario to find that cultural stereotype happily reinforced than in Georgetown!

If you like beer, you’re going to want to keep an eye on Georgetown this summer because this is where more quality beer than you could possibly drink will be on hand. Georgetown celebrates beer more than just once, and here are the dates and locations of the place you should make a note of. But always remember to enjoy your beer responsibly!

Georgetown Beer Fest

Cheers Caledon! Craft Beer & Cider Festival

For beer lovers who absolutely cannot wait, the first of the festivals begins this month, so there’s not much time! It doesn’t take place right in Georgetown but the nearby town of Caledon. It’s called Cheers, Caledon! Craft Beer & Cider Festival, and it runs for one night only. The festival takes place on Friday, June 14th, from 6:00 p.m. to midnight. It’s located at the Caledon Town Hall Campus, and it’s only the third year of this festival, but it’s growing in popularity.

As the name implies, this first festival looks at both local craft beer and cider.

Local craft favourites like Caledon Hills and Sonnen Hill Brewing will share a space with Pommies Cider Co. and Spirit Tree Estate Cidery. Of course, it won't be all drinks; there will be delicious food too.

Tickets are just $20 if you buy them in advance, and are $25 at the door. If you’re planning to take in more of the town and want to stay for this Beer Fest in the Georgetown area, accommodations are also available from official partners of the event.

There’s even a childcare option at the site, for just $15 if you can’t leave the little ones at home. If you’re worried about driving to your next destination once the fun is over, you can get a free ride home in your own car, thanks to the Home James service partnered for the event.

Georgetown Beer Fest

Georgetown RIB

The next big event is the Georgetown RIB Festival. As you may have already guessed, beer is not the star of the show here, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t put in an important appearance. Canadians love their ribs, and the RIB Festival brings beer and smoked meats together.

The RIB Festival is part of the Northern Heat Rib Series, the largest ongoing rib and craft beer festival in Canada. It takes place on the Georgetown Fairgrounds and runs August 16th to 18th. It’s a pretty large event that’s friendly to visitors with free admission, free parking, live music, and even a kids’ zone if the children aren’t huge fans of food.

With different acts over different days and a whole range of ribs to try, it’s easy to forget there’s also beer here! In fact, there’s craft beer, with brands like Naughty Otter and Liberty Village, as well as cocktails.

So, if you’re looking for great eats with your drinks, this is Georgetown beer fest to go to.

Georgetown Beer Fest

Head for the Hills: Georgetown Craft Beer Festival

Finally, here’s the big one. If you’re looking for the definitive Georgetown beer fest, the one you want is Head for the Hills: Georgetown Craft Beer Festival. Celebrating its fifth year, this craft beer festival in Georgetown has sometimes been hailed as the best beer festival in Ontario.

Located in the Trafalgar Sports Park, the biggest of the Georgetown beer fests is your final chance to greet the summer with some craft beer in hand, as it takes place on September 14th from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. It is a volunteer-run event that was first conceived as a way to encourage charity acts while giving people something they enjoyed. Once the combination of charity and craft beer was a hit, a beer fest was born.

This beer fest in Georgetown combines live music acts with “make your own fun” events like “Giant Beer Pong” with soccer balls and “Giant Jenga” with huge blocks. And if you’re looking for food, plenty of food trucks will be there to complement your taste in craft beer, with old standbys like The Crazy Canuck to go alongside your favourite craft beers, like Muskoka Brewery, Northern Maverick, and more.

Enjoy responsibly while you celebrate summer at one of the many Georgetown beer festivals!