Winter Tires in Georgetown

Georgetown Toyota provides drivers in the GTA with a wide selection of winter tires from Canada’s leading brands. Use our easy-to-use tool below to quickly find the right tires for your car, trucks or SUV. Once you’ve selected your tires, don’t forget to book a service appointment to get your tires installed. We also offer storage at a great price. Ask our technicians for more details or click here to learn more!


For tires, winter starts at 7oC. When the temperature drops, your tires are hardened which leads to decrease in traction and control. That’s why winter tires are recommended for the cold and snowy conditions of winter. Toyota winter tires are developed to provide you with the performance and safety you need in winter driving. For more information, visit our Winter Tires FAQ.


Traction in Cold Weather
Winter tires are specifically designed to perform well in cold weather. The rubber on normal tires gets harder as it gets colder, which greatly reduces traction control. The rubber on winter tires will stay soft and tacky as it gets colder allowing the tires to grip the road even in very low temperatures.

Insurance Discounts
Thanks to a budget initiative passed in April 2015, drivers in Ontario will receive insurance discounts for having and using winter tires.