Top Questions About Toyota Hybrid Vehicles Answered!

Top Questions About Toyota Hybrid Vehicles Answered

Toyota hybrids are flexible vehicles, giving you a myriad of options without compromising power and performance.

Why Buy a Toyota Hybrid?

Toyota hybrids offer standout fuel efficiency compared to more gas-guzzling competitors. With the Hybrid Synergy Drive system working seamlessly in the background, you don’t need to change your driving or fueling habits. 

Toyota's hybrid batteries are incredibly durable. Not only that, but hybrids have eight-year, 160,000-km warranties, giving you long-lasting protection. It’s no wonder over 12 million people have bought Toyota hybrids worldwide.

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What is a Plug-In Hybrid? 

A plug-in hybrid combines electric and conventional gas-powered characteristics. It can recharge its batteries directly from a household electricity supply, or run with great efficiency on a petrol engine.

Compared to hybrids, plug-in hybrid vehicle technology expands electricity-powered driving possibilities thanks to added all-electric performance. This design results in higher energy capacity and improved performance.

Do Hybrid Cars Use Gas? 

Yes, they do. The benefit of having a Toyota hybrid is that its Hybrid Synergy Drive System automatically finds the best combination of gas engine power and electric power. When the battery runs out, the gas engine powers the vehicle.

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What’s the Difference Between Hybrid and Electric Vehicles? 

Hybrids derive some of their power from a conventional gas engine while electric vehicles get all of their power from electrical sources (i.e. a battery). 

With a hybrid, you can use the engine and battery to improve the vehicle’s power or use one depending on driving conditions. Electric-only vehicles don’t offer you such flexibility.

How Long Do Hybrid Batteries Last? 

Over 98% of Toyota hybrid vehicles sold in Canada since 2001 have never had their original battery replaced. The battery usually lasts for the car’s lifetime.

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Are Hybrid Vehicles Less Powerful Than Their Standard Counterparts?

Toyota hybrids are built to be as or more powerful than their gas-powered counterparts. The instant torque of electric motors helps hybrid vehicles accelerate off the line quickly and allows for more refined, direct acceleration. Electric motors can also contribute to the total horsepower rating. 

Some Toyota hybrid models, such as the RAV4 hybrid, deliver more horsepower and acceleration than their conventionally-powered siblings. That extra power allows Toyota to develop lighter engines, which helps give hybrids even more power and improved handling.

Do Hybrid Vehicles Need More Maintenance? 

No. Not only do they follow the same maintenance schedule of six months or 8,000kms as conventionally powered vehicles, but other parts require less servicing due to how the hybrid operates. 

Because the engines are off occasionally while driving, the brakes are regenerative. This extends the rotor and brake pad life. Furthermore, starters, alternators, and belts don’t need to be replaced, and transmission fluid lasts longer.

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How Green Are Hybrid Vehicles?

Since 1997, Toyota's hybrid lineup has prevented more than 94 million tons of CO2 emissions from entering the atmosphere worldwide. Hybrid powertrains produce up to 70% less smog-forming emissions than conventional gas engines, with fuel efficiency advancements leading to a decreased reliance on fossil fuels. Hybrid batteries can be recycled and repurposed too.

How Safe Are Hybrid Vehicles? 

Hybrid vehicles are safe and environmentally friendly while maintaining optimal performance. Their systems are designed to be just as safe as traditional drivetrains thanks to Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. Batteries are insulated from the vehicle body while battery cables are shrouded in bright-orange cladding to alert emergency workers. 

Hybrids are no less safe than conventionally powered vehicles. 

Do Hybrid Cars Save Money?

Since hybrids don’t require much gas usage, go easy on the engine while driving, and don’t need much maintenance, you’re saving quite a bit of money. Your savings increase if you like making city-wide trips, not days-long road trips. Plus, your hybrid is likely to have a strong resale value due to high demand. 

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