Fun Farmers Markets in Georgetown, Ontario

georgetown farmers market

For a lot of Canadians, buying fruits, vegetables, and other groceries normally involves going to one of the bigger franchise supermarkets and buying products that come from factories all over the world.

But for the people who want something a little different, a little fresher, and a little more local, nothing beats putting more effort to into shop at a farmers’ market. Georgetown has a few markets for you to visit that offer quality products made locally. So, if you want to find something fresh that contributes to the local economy, check out these markets!

georgetown farmers market

Downtown Georgetown Farmers Market

The Downtown Georgetown Farmers’ Market is both seasonal and only open on weekends, so this will require a bit of timing on your part. As it says in the name, if you’re looking for this one, head to downtown, specifically Main Street South on a Saturday morning, but only from June through October.

Of course, while the big draw here is the fresh fruits and vegetables from local farmers in the immediate area like Atkinson Farms, there are other vendors to check out as well. The Pie Guyz from Brampton put in an appearance, as well as Tawse Winery from Vineland, and if you’re looking for spices and seasonings, Saha International from Toronto has plenty to spare.

Allison’s Farm Market

If you want to go directly to the source, then maybe you’ll want to visit Allison’s Farm Market. These farmers have been in the business locally since 1967 when the family moved up from Mississauga to Georgetown. 

Since then, they’ve carefully nurtured and harvested the expected fresh produce you’d want to find from local Canadian farmers, but they’ve expanded their wares. They’ve partnered with other small businesses around the region so that you can find jams and marmalades from Niagara-on-the-Lake or homemade pasta from Kitchener-Waterloo. They have their own venue on Eighth Line, where you can buy products from the farmers themselves.

georgetown farmers market

Wheelbarrow Orchards

It’s a little more out of the way, but this is another local farm that’s opened up their operations. Wheelbarrow Orchards is now the home of Harvest Goodies and Fraser’s Beverage Company. You can find seasonal Ontario harvests here, like strawberries, but it’s more than just fresh, raw, local produce that’s available here on 10 Side Road.

The orchards also have “Harvest Goodies” like jam and marmalade preserves, as well as craft cider. They even have classes where interested people can learn to make cider on their own for a personal, rewarding experience.

Andrew’s Farm Market & Winery

If you’re looking for something a little different that puts you in the farming experience itself, then you might head down to Andrew’s Farm Market & Winery. Located on 10 Side Road, this farm stands out by making you the farmer.

After paying the admission fee, you get to walk through designated areas of the farm itself and get the freshest produce possible by harvesting it on your own. It’s all seasonal, so if you’ve got a craving for strawberries, pick the right time (mid to late spring), and come down to start harvesting. It’s a unique experience for families and anyone else looking to get their hands dirty.

georgetown farmers market

Georgetown Fall Fair

This one is still a few months away, but if you’re looking for an event that celebrates Georgetown and its farming roots, the Georgetown Fall Fair in September is one you might want to write into your calendar.

Run by the Georgetown Agricultural Society, the fair has been running in one form or another since 1846. Now, this September event has modern entertainment attractions like midway, vehicle events, and performances. But it still celebrates Georgetown’s agricultural roots with livestock events, agricultural awareness events, and, of course, plenty of produce to buy for people looking to take advantage of Ontario’s bountiful harvest. It’s located on the Georgetown Fairgrounds, so it’s not hard to find when the time comes.

Harvest Ontario

Finally, it’s not just Georgetown that has its fill of farmers’ markets for people to enjoy. No matter where you are in the province, Harvest Ontario is here to help you find the markets that you can easily reach.

Whether you live in Toronto and want to find something seasonal that opens for business once a week, right in the heart of the city, or you’re looking for a permanent fixture, such as the Hamilton farmers’ market, you can find it here!